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Sanitary MatTop Conveyor

Sanitary MatTop Conveyor

Sanitary MatTop Conveyor Frame

Innovative Sanitary MatTop Conveyor Design

MCE is backed by the years of Nercon sanitary conveyor knowledge to offer an innovative sanitary MatTop conveyor, which provides maximum cleaning efficiency and minimum production downtime. 


Easy-to-Clean Features

Factors to consider when selecting the right hygienic conveyor that will safely and efficiently move your products through a sanitary conveyor line.

1 Sanitary Removable Guide Rail Improved removable guide rails lock in place for more stability and are easily removed for COP
2 Clean out Slots

Large clean-out slot or hole openings facilitate mid-production washdown

3 Removable Wear Strip

Removable guide rails and wearstrips for efficient rack or Clean-out-of-Place (COP) applications


Angle construction minimizes bacteria growth vs. tubular design which can have microscopic holes which can create bacteria caves

5 Sanitary Support

Supports and standoffs are channeled in shape and angled keeping flat surfaces to a minimum so water does not accumulate

6 Take-up Chain Release Ability for one person to release belt on either side of conveyor saving steps by not having to walk around entire line.


Sanitary COP Adjustable Noser

  COP Noser Sanitary Noser
  • One solid piece eliminating
    contamination point due to seam
  • Removable roller for easy COP
  • Completely removable for sanitation
  • Snaps in and out of place


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Sanitary MatTop Conveyors

15 Degree Cope

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Cartons
  • Cases
  • Puches
  • Pucks
  • Trays

Easy Installation

MCE conveyor solutions are extremely streamlined. MCE ships conveyor projects in assemblies with drives, reducers, wearstrips, returns, guide-rails and brackets already installed. Bolting the assemblies together, installing the chain and fine tuning guide-rails to fit the product or package are the only on site installation steps required, making MCE coneyor solutions capable of maximizing productivity at no expense of extra resources.

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