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January 30, 2020

Our main priority at MCE is exceptional customer value, the satisfaction of the customer experience in areas of product function, points of differentiation, quality and service. As consumers are now expecting an immediate response from companies and rapid delivery of products the partnership between a supplier and distributor must be cohesive and collaborative.

MCE partners with distributors in delivering exceptional customer value to their end-users by supplying conveyor systems for their product handling projects. We have been partnering with Right Stuff Equipment, a packaging and material handling equipment manufacturer based in Denver Colorado, for over seven years. Right Stuff Equipment will spec out a material handling project and work together with MCE to fill in with conveyor systems outside their product offerings. “We don’t work with other conveyor manufacturers. We have no reason to go anywhere else. It’s MCE all the way,” says Michelle Torres, head of sales and marketing at Right Stuff Equipment.

Having a quality product is fundamental to the partnership between a distributor and a supplier. Right Stuff Equipment already offers top quality packaging and material handling equipment, so it was important to them to find a conveyor manufacturer who would match their standards when they need a conveyor system to complete integration. According to Michelle, MCE conveyor quality is excellent. “It’s built well, runs well and designed properly.”   

Distributors need top-rate turn-around times and real-time product information to create satisfied end-users. Being responsive to our distributors needs is crucial to the relationship MCE has with its distributors’. Right Stuff Equipment makes the promise of quick project turn-around and can only partner with a manufacturer who can deliver that same promise. For Right Stuff Equipment, that’s MCE. MCE is also diligent about sending a spare parts list for each conveyor system. Right Stuff Equipment files this list with each product handling project and when their end-user needs a spare part, Right Stuff Equipment is quick to respond because they are already equipped with the necessary information from MCE, keeping the end-user up and running.

There are times when a distributor is in the middle of a “situation.” Regardless of the who, what, why, or where something went wrong, the end-user is unhappy, and the distributor relies on the manufacturer for help. The very LAST thing a distributor wants to hear from their manufacturer are these few words. “There is no way that can happen.” MCE’s relationship with Right Stuff has proven to be the complete opposite. One of the reasons Right Stuff Equipment doesn’t with work other conveyor manufacturers is MCE’s problem-solving capabilities. “If there is an issue, it’s just dealt with and response time is instant,” says Michelle. “If something doesn’t work well in the final project, MCE always has a solution.”  

It’s MCE’s objective to be as knowledgeable about their distributors' business as we are our own, giving them valuable ideas, and helping them reach their goals -- develop powerful partnerships that improve performance. As much as MCE wants repeat business from our distributors, our distributors want the same from their customers — and that involves a continuing relationship long after the initial sales.

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