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Zero Tangent Radius Conveyor

Zero Tangent Turn

The Zero Tangent Radius is a conveyor component that offers several distinct benefits in manufacturing applications.

Maximize Floor Space: One of the foremost advantages of the Zero Tangent Radius is its ability to maximize floor space utilization. Regardless of the belt width chosen, this innovative conveyor component maintains a constant inner radius. This eliminates the need for a straight belt section before and after the curve, effectively reducing the overall footprint of the conveyor system. This space-saving feature is particularly valuable in environments where floor space is at a premium.

Increase Conveyor Reliability: The Zero Tangent Radius achieves heightened reliability through several key features. It employs lug-tooth style sprockets and a positive drive system, which enhances the system's durability and longevity. Additionally, the symmetric drive design simplifies the assembly and installation process, reducing potential sources of error. The conveyor's belt construction further contributes to improved performance, ensuring a dependable and consistent operation.

Better Product Performance: The Zero Tangent Radius excels in maintaining product orientation and integrity during tight transfers, a critical requirement in many applications. Its flattop construction minimizes catch points, preventing product damage or misalignment during the transition. Furthermore, this conveyor system is well-suited for managing hard-to-handle packages, heavier loads, and faster conveying speeds, making it a versatile choice for various industrial processes.

Creative Construction: The construction of the Zero Tangent Radius embodies creative engineering principles, resulting in a conveyor system that reduces maintenance requirements and overall costs. Notably, the inclusion of easy identifiers on sprockets and sprocket pockets simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting, streamlining the process and minimizing downtime. 

The Zero Tangent Radius offers many technical advantages that make it a good choice for conveyor applications. Its space-saving design, enhanced reliability, superior product performance, and creative construction elements combine to create a conveyor system that can significantly benefit manufacturing operations.

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Zero Tangent Turn

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